Hand Painted Trucker Hats


Hi my name is Tara B. I’m a born and raised Maui girl, who is a seeker of love, heart follower, ocean lover and believer in magic. My hand painted truckers started out being a personal need to keep my face from getting sunburned while I surf. Foam faced truckers were the perfect vehicle, they float and are waterproof.

When I paint it is a meditation for me, a prayer if you will. I weave love and kindness into every one of my pieces of wearable art. At this point I’ve hand painted well over 3000 truckers. And still, every single one is a blessing to me. The part I love the most about what my art has created is the Aloha (love) and the ‘Ohana (Family).

I now have clients (who I really consider dear friends even if I barley know them) all over the world. A Tara B. community has been started— spreaders of love and kindness. So when you buy one of my hand painted loves don’t be surprised if someone, or a few someones, stop you and share their Tara B. stories with you. Or just gives you a hug. Once you have a Tara B. original you will officially be part of the ‘Ohana. I warmly welcome you and only ask that you keep spreading love and kindness one hug and or smile at a time.

Love, Tara B. xo

LOVE my Tara B. Trucker!! In fact, I have 3 of her hats and ALL of them are beautiful & amazing! Always get a ton of compliments whenever and wherever I wear it! They’ve been in the waves and worn while I workout at the gym-they wash & wear extremely well! So happy I found Tara and her special hats it’s made with lotsa love❤️

Joan Flake

Etsy Customer

LOVE this hat! I have been wanting it for a while now and am so happy with it! already planning my next purchase. well made, unique design and fast shipping. thank you

Mari Garrido

Etsy Customer

Been wanting to order this hat forevers. Can’t believe I waited this long, it’s absolutely stunning! Tara’s so sweet, she was able to accommodate my request & I got it that same week. Much mahalos!

Ala Kamanawa

Etsy Customer

I have a wide variety of hats available at my Etsy Store. So please click the link and come check it out.

Because every trucker is made to order and by hand it can take me up to 2 weeks to ship out a hat to you. I’m usually faster than that, but all you amazing people have been keeping me super busy. Wishing you all a super awesome day.

Love and Aloha, Tara B. xoxo